Swimmy Sea has many different characters and those vary, land characters, marine characters, prehistoric characters. The players can unlock characters in 3 ways, in-app purchases, specific requirements for secret characters or by the fish cooler. The fish cooler is an item standing on a dock and when players spend 100 coins in it, it will give the player a character. If the player falls on 10 duplicates (characters he already has) in a row, the 11th try will automatically give the player a new character. These characters are divided into 3 types.

- Regular Characters (Those can only be unlocked via the fish cooler when players spend 100 coins in it or via in-app purchases)

- Secret  Characters (Those can only be unlocked when a specific set of requirements has been completed)

- Exclusive Characters (This character can only be unlocked via in-app purchases and once bought, will give the player coin advantages)

Known Characters:Edit

Here is a list of all the characters that are unlockable in the game: