Flying Fish is a secret character in the game, Swimmy Sea, that was released on Version 1.0.

Appearance: Edit

Flying Fish looks like a blue airplane fish. It has pink wings, two jet engines, and black windows all over the plane. Finally, it also has big white eyes and a small blue fin at the rear of the fish.

How To Unlock: Edit

To unlock the Flying Fish, a player must play as Swimgull, Rubber Duckie, The Black Swan, Blue Footed Booby, or the Pelican. To unlock him, you need to be at the top of the ocean by swiping up, and then you need to wait for a bird to dive in the water after falling from the sky. Finally, when the bird comes back up to the sky, you need to go above it so that it can hit you. Upon death, the Flying Fish will be unlocked.

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