Release Of The Game, Interview With CraniumCode (June 24th, 2016, 3PM in EST time) Edit

Lowell: Matthew Lipari aka CraniumCode, first of all, we thank you for joining us in this Chat Interview on the Swimmy Sea Wikia. Few days before the release of your game, you have accepted our interview offer, by the way, fans are starting to get excited about your upcoming game, Swimmy Sea. Welcome Matt.

Matt: Thank you.

Lowell: We have several questions and concerns that we would like to address to you before the official release of your game. First of all, we would like to ask you Matt, when did the idea of making Swimmy Sea came to you? You already told us you got the inspiration from the following games, Crossy Road and Flappy Bird. You decided to create a game that was similar to those 2 big hits. But it is a big project to launch yourself on Unity (the software used to create Swimmy Sea) and create such a game. So what or maybe who pushed you to go so far into creating Swimmy Sea?

Matt: I originally created my YouTube Channel with the intent of having a platform to launch a game on. I had gone a year without creating a game, so I decided that I might as well start developing something.

Lowell: This is actually very interesting. And it seems to work well! By the way Matt, you have started your testing on Android devices? Have you already gotten any interested supporters and feedback on it?

Matt: I have started testing on my own personal android device, and I've already received some interest from fans who would like to test the game on their android devices. I have yet to actually open testing, but I expect that people will be providing feedback on the game then.

Lowell: Oh well that is very interesting. We hope positive feedback for you. Now Matt, here goes out 2nd question. In the description, there is written that 50 characters will be available to play with. And each of them having enemies. However, we are curious about what types of enemies we will see in the game as those were never brought to the topic. Should we expect other marine animals trying to kill you, or more objects such as garbages in the sea, or maybe even boats that you need to avoid? What should we really expect?

Matt: You can expect a lot of marine animals, from sharks to other fish, as well as some non-living things, like large rocks and explosive mines.

Lowell: Oh my god! Swimmy Sea seems like a huge adventure that is waiting for all of us! Concerning the exclusive character, you have already announced it would be a shark. We presume it is the one revealed on the promotional posters. But the shark seems more to us like an enemy, will he be at a time a character and an enemy or will he only be a playable character? And the BIG question concerning the shark, will he also be available via the fish cooler (the method to unlock characters) and be very rare or is he only an in-app purchase character.

Matt: The exclusive shark is actually not the shark on the promotional posters. I'll hold off on revealing the exclusive shark for right now, but it has a very fitting name to what it does in-game. The promotional shark is both an enemy and a playable character (The Great White). The exclusive character will only be available via in-app purchase.

Lowell: Wow, very cool! This is actually great and we really hope to see more of it. Concerning the gameplay method, you revealed that when you swipe up, you would be at the top of the sea, and when you swiped down, you would be at the bottom of the sea. First of all, I have a question, will we see the transition when you change between the 2 different gameplay modes or will it be skipped? And second of all, when you are on a certain mode, can you turn right and left to avoid enemies or the only way to avoid them is to change to the other game mode by swiping up/down? I hope all of this is clear for you.

Matt: When you change modes, their will be a simple bubble animation which comes from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen. When you are on a certain mode, you can move left to right or swipe to change modes in order to avoid enemies. On the ocean surface mode, you can even jump if you want to.

Lowell: Wow! So it really will be an addictive game with all those features. Now, concerning the coins. Will the coins be the only currency in the game? And if they are, I guess they are the currency to buy characters. But about the coins, how can we unlock them. In the trailer, we know we can get some by the free gifts, and by the ads. Can players also find them along the way during a round of gameplay?

Matt: There has actually not been an officially released trailer of the game, any footage that is out there is of an old version. The coins will appear during regular gameplay as well as the methods you mentioned. They will float through the water randomly.

Lowell: Oh well that's good. We will need a lot of those. These are just theories of features that have not yet been revealed. So, we are curious, have you planned any daily missions or missions in the game to complete like Crossy Road and Disney Crossy Road follow? And finally, have you planned any limited time special events with limited time characters to unlock for the future updates as those are really getting very popular in many App Store games?

Matt: I have not planned missions of any sort for the game just yet. In the first version of the game, there are no special events or limited time characters, but I hope to implement them in the future.

Lowell: This seems awesome! Limited time characters and events gets many games addictive. As for missions, we hope to see some in the future. We have covered almost everything up, the enemies, the characters, the game modes and ways to unlock them. Although we still have many questions on the top of our heads, we prefer saving the surprise for the release of the game. Although, we still have 3 last questions for you, Matt. Our 1st one concerns the scenery and the landscape. We know that there will be different sceneries and landscape. Have you planned for future updates maybe traveling to certain countries, New York with London Statue, Paris with Eiffel Tower, Australia with Opera, The Caribbean with palm trees and beaches, or will it never be clear of where we are actually?

Matt: It probably won't be clear where the player is, although that is an interesting idea for the future. There are some updates I have in mind that take the player to a certain type of landscape, but as for a specific spot, I don't have any plans.

Lowell: Well, at least players can use their imagination to determine where they are. Those are the 2 last questions. Now this question concerns the release of the game. When fans asked you about the arrival of the game, you told them "very soon". Can you give us an approximate date although it is vague ? And finally, our BIG question, will the iOS and Android devices get the game at the same moment or will one have to wait a little bit longer?

Matt: I can't give an exact date, it all depends on how testing goes and how long it takes the app to be approved by the app store(s). The Android version of the game will be approved and ready first, but I plan on officially releasing both versions at the same time. If that changes though, iOS users will not have to wait very long to play the game after the Android version is released.

Lowell: Well that's interesting. We hope the game will be released as soon as it is ready. Now Matt, for your final question, we would like to address to you more about the upcoming updates. Swimmy Sea has already got a big project for its release that should arrive very soon as you told us. And you already revealed to us that you have a lot of updates and features in mind that you would like to see coming up in the future. Although not wanting you to reveal too much, what direction do you want Swimmy Sea to take in its next updates? And also, have you already decided to base yourself on a monthly update (an update coming every month) ? And we might have a bonus question just after this one.

Matt: I've got some updates planned in mind, I'll have to choose between three- which one I'd like to implement first. It would either be a Swamp Update, a Dinosaur Update, or a Pirate Update. I'll probably create a poll or something so people can choose which on they'd like to see first. Concerning the monthly updates, I'm not sure if I'll be able to get an update out that frequently, but if things go as planned, I'll definitely have several updates each year.

Lowell: Oh my god! This is incredible! Having different choices as future updates, those propositions are amazing, this would be awesome! Our bonus question is: What is the name of your favorite character and you actually announced one was CraniumCode themed, how so?

Matt: That's a tough one, choosing my favorite character. I would have to say my favorite character is the O.A.R 1000 (stands for Ocean Adventure Robot). It's an underwater drone type robot which has a spotlight and an animated claw. One of the secret characters is kind of CraniumCode themed (not really), I don't want to give away too much about it.

Lowell: Well we will wait till the release of the game! Thank you Matt, we really enjoyed your time here! All of those answers make us wait with excitement and impatience, the next hit, Swimmy Sea. Guys, it was CraniumCode aka Matthew Lipari, Swimmy Sea should be hitting the Android and iOS devices very soon so stay tuned! See you Matt and thank you for your time :)

It was Lowell Gomez, with the creator of Swimmy Sea, Matthew Lipari aka CraniumCode.

Matt: Thank you Lowell, I look forward to speaking with you again regarding any more questions you might have about CraniumCode or Swimmy Sea.

Lowell: Of course Matt, see you next time!

Matt: Yes, I'll see you next time Lowell.