Seabeard is a secret character in the game, Swimmy Sea, that was released on Version 1.0.

Appearance Edit

Seabeard looks like a skeleton pirate. He wears a brown clothing, a black beard, a wooden leg and a black pirate hat. He also holds a sword in his left hand.

While playing as this character, Seabeard will be on a black shark with red bloody eyes and a pink mouth.

How To Unlock Edit

To unlock the Seabeard, a player must play as any character with The Ocean as their scenery and entirely cross a pirate ship that will have sunken in the water. The pirate ship is not very hard to find. Upon death, the Seabeard will be unlocked.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the only character in which we only see a part of it in the character collection. In this case, we don't see the shark.
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